Al Gore Regrets Having Foresight to Create Internet

(Burbank, CA – August 22)… A press release distributed to the media today from the office of former Non-President Al Gore included a surprising revelation about the politician and activists personal feelings in regards to his role in  funding the eventual creation of what’s now known was the World Wide Web, or, the internet to people who actually use it.  Continue reading Al Gore Regrets Having Foresight to Create Internet

Local Parents Aren’t Picking Favorites, But, Can’t You Be More Like Your Brother?

(San Diego, CA – May 7)…  Local parents John and Samantha Bernstein love their son Tucker a whole bunch,even going as far to occasionally use “up to the sky” as a level of measurement.  The exemplary parents consistently shower him with admiration and provide everything you could ask for in a loving family.  

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I will face my fear and let it pass through me.


Sports and Pop Culture from Bill Simmons and our rotating cast of writers | Grantland

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where blogging is a performance art & every post is a show


Knowledge and Happiness(K&H) multiples by dividing it. More you share, higher and bigger they grow.

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Indulge- Travel, Adventure, & New Experiences

Ben's Bitter Blog

"We make bitter better."

HarsH ReaLiTy

My goal with this blog is to offend everyone in the world at least once with my words… so no one has a reason to have a heightened sense of themselves. We are all ignorant, we are all found wanting, we are all bad people sometimes.

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Just another weblog

Freshly Pressed: Editors' Picks

Just another weblog

What Men's Gotta Wear!

An interesting, snazzy and resourceful site dedicated to help business-like gentlemen in choosing attires for different occasions by showing them what is trendy and what is going out of style. Also provides an accurate ranking list of the upmost up-market cyber stores. An invaluable guide to shop either on line as well bodily.

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i use this blog as a place to share my random thoughts. don't say i didn't warn you.

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