No, I don’t want to join the Army, but I wouldnt mind if you die

Sorry for making you wait.

Why does everyone in the armed services try to fucking recruit you. Look I’m tremendously pleased that you have chosen to fight for our country, I have the utmost respect for what you do and I support it all. But the very reason that everyone respects and supports what you do, IS BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO DO IT!

So please keep doing what you’re doing, Uncle Sam and I are quite fond of it, but for god’s sake just because you’re in a cool uniform doesn’t mean you can be douche of the year and tell me about how much money and college I can get if I join…WOW!!!

I’d rather have student loans then deal with a person willing to risk their life so they can pop some cherries in heaven.

One of the many things that disrupts my aspirations to have a perfect life is how we are force fed entertainment that is so mindless and watered down that I can stand about 6% of it without wanting to bash my head in with a piano.

I was watching Citizen Kane the other day and this is a film that was made in 1941 but is still considered to be one of the greatest ever made and let me tell you what, it stands the test of time. But I’m not here to tell you about some movie that got your grandma wet, the point I’m so eloquently attempting to make is that the entertainment industry got drunk and went a little too far with that guy from science class and then they had to scrounge up money to have an abortion without their parents finding out.

Gone are the days where the strongest survived, whisked away by the greed and retardation of our society as a whole. It used to be, the reason something was made, be it music, movies, television, etc was because it was good. Someone made a product and then the cream of that crop was distributed to the retards.

These days, unless your a guap-aholic, there is no possible way you’re going to be able to create something that is completely yours. We now live in a society where even art and entertainment is tainted by the quest for money.

Granted, these aren’t poor people attempting to feed their families, these are dictionary definition cocksuckers who just got their third divorce and has to save up for a couple months before he can hit up bitch cuatro.

The way things work are they take polls of what people like and focus groups and other bullshit and they create these masterpieces.

Couple things wrong with that.

ONE – Who the fuck is taking these polls, who in the shit is in these focus groups? Do you know anyone who has ever done anything like that? Have you ever even heard of someone that knows someone you know doing that? Even if you have, it’s not like you know a boatload. So how can they decide what the general public likes, when they’re taking such a minuscule sample?

DOS- If they have this down to a science, how do you explain the LARGE amount of flops…I mean think about it, each theater has like 20 screens but each weekend one maybe two come out that are worth seeing. Hotel For Dogs 2: Mans Best Friend? is on three different screens but there’s less people in there then a Baha Men concert.

Thirdly- Sequels and Remakes usually blow more then that girl who is kinda cute but has really low self esteem, so she’s willing to just get silly on you for hours to compensate. Yet every other movie is a sequel to a shitty movie that retards saw, or a remake of a show that nobody from this generation is even aware of and has nothing to do with the original show so the people who actually like the show are alienated as well.

Four-Music is more open because people listen to what they like…But the music that is presented to us by the mainstream media is like a sledgehammer to the kneecap. What’s even worse is that even if there is a song that somehow makes it on to the radio and doesn’t make you want to beat the fuck out of a panda, that means they’re going to play that song until you can tell who’s playing the bassoon during the chorus. I just don’t understand, there are literally MILLIONS of songs out there, yet I have to listen to the seventh single off of Beyonce’s album


2 thoughts on “No, I don’t want to join the Army, but I wouldnt mind if you die”

  1. I'm telling you, man, you have to watch Idiocracy. Piece of genius. Scary, but genius.I don't even want to start on Sirius getting into bed with XM. It's just wrong. Two organizations that figured out what was wrong with mainstream media, and they can't both survive. It's not a happy testimony to the times in which we live.But I'll tell you…there's nothing like the variety I hear every morning on my patio. The birds start at 4 am, about when the coffee's ready. I sit out here (where I am right now, because there are different birds singing in the evening) and I'm in my glory, drinking my coffee, contemplating how I'm NOT going to finally lose my mind and take arms with me to the office.Of course, I don't have to worry about that, now that I've lost my job. But, the point is, I estimate that roughly 5% of us see what's going on, and of us only half give a damn. The rest are pickling themselves or somehow numbing themselves to the whole thing. The rest, the minute minority, take up causes.Mine is finding the perfect summer red wine. The one that will handle bratwurst, hamburgers, steaks, chicken, or to hell with dinner let's just drink the wine. As causes go, it's been reasonably fulfilling.Glad you're back among the living, man.And for the record, I agree. Arrested Development is another rare piece of genius.


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