I wish I believed in fate. I wish that I could go to sleep at night literally believing that everything that was supposed to happen to me was going to happen. I wish that everything you knew in your heart was right, actually unfolded I the way you imagined. I wish my brain would allow such thoughts.

But it doesn’t, that’s not to say I’m a pessimist, I like to call myself a “realist.” I try to take everything for what it is and assess it accordingly.

I don’t live in an “everything happens for a reason” type of world. Everything happens for a reason? How can that be? Millions of people were slaughtered in the Holocaust for a reason? What’s the reason? We captured people and brought them to our country to work for free? What’s the reason for that if you are one of the people being forced to work?

No, everything does not happen for a reason, please people don’t be narcissistic to the extent that you think the “universe” or some other factor actually has anything to do with your life.

You think God, or whatever you believe in really gives a flying fuck if Johnny asks you to the prom? You think it’s a major concern of an all-powerful being of whether or not Billy will go down on you?

Listen, nobody cares about your life but you, seriously when it comes down to it, every one in some form or another is doing everything to eventually benefit themselves. I’m not saying there are no selfless acts, but there isn’t some focus group deciding what’s going to happen next in your awesome life! It’s just you.

I guess what I’m trying to say is live your life the way you want. Fate is not coming to save you, tomorrow is not going to be the day where all your dreams come true, the world isn’t shitting on you for a reason, it’s just called life. Life sucks, the things you enjoy are taken away or prohibited, your mind is raped by a retard driven society, you’re mind is engulfed with each and every mindless fucks opinion as if anyone cares what is being said. You don’t care, you already have your own views and opinions instilled in you and for that to change, it better be a pretty fucking convincing argument.

This is not to sound like a depressed cry for help or a fuck the world call to arms. It’s a simple assertion that YOU control your life…not fate. Bad things happen because the world is filled with lots of bad people, or people that want to be good but are too ignorant to realize how irrelevant they are.

You control your life, do what makes you happy…TODAY. If you try to tailor your life to fit anyone’s agenda but your own, you will end up in despair.

Happiness is what matters, find the people that make you happy and surround yourself, find out what drives you to be successful and commit too it, figure out the things in life that make time stand still, until you realize you’ve spent the whole day doing it.

Fate does not exist, everything does not happen for a reason. You create fate and the only reason anything happens is because of you.

Love to all that read.


12 thoughts on “Fate.”

  1. I think it's ironic that 'Anonymous' said what you've written is deep. Deep, yes, but not relevant enough to share my name with you. I think there's a special kind of cowardice in anonymity. On the other hand, I like to wander in strange towns where no one knows me so I can smoke in peace. Ah, well, nothing like a double standard to pass a Sunday.So, Spence (may I call you Spence?), you think we control our own destinies? Hmm… Ok. Well then I think it's time my destiny included something like a glass of red wine and a patio fire. After all, life has delivered a perfectly lovely Sunday evening, with temperatures in the 60s and a light breeze from the northwest. Some are unhappy that it's not warm enough for a swim. Alas. I'll call this little situation of mine 'lemonade' and I'll enjoy the shit out of my wine.Lifting a glass to the east in your honor. Thanks for the patio conversation fodder. Oh, and dude, lighten up. It's summer.


  2. I think it's a combination of a lot of things. Luck, fate, faith, and your own free will. There are certain circumstances/situations that are not of your control, and there is nothing you can do about it. That's not to say that you could've chosen a different path, but you chose that SPECIFIC path, and what you have done (by your own free will) has lead to that. I agree that you cannot rely solely on fate, but I do believe there is something guiding every individual, even in a small way. Of course we have our happiness and our right to fulfill whatever we may dream, sometimes we just need a push or two.Good post.


  3. If they think I'm deep I don't mind if they don't say their name, it only pisses me off when people have an criticism but choose not to display their name.Thanks for the continued support lrlehnberg.Thanks to "Yo!" as well I appreciate it.Thanks for the support and commentary other anon. people.Hanna, I doubt a book will sway my opinion, but I'm open to any and all opinions on the subject so I will check it out.Thanks to all for reading…continue to comment.


  4. Ok. I'll try to not be so hard on anonymous writers. Besides, as I say, I enjoy my share of anonymity. Perhaps that's at the root of all my sins. If St. Paul is to be believed (or even taken seriously), I guess that would be the case. But then, I do my very best sinning when I'm relatively anonymous.The 'fate' discussion saw several bottles of my best bordeaux come and go, and still we came to no agreement on the question. Or maybe we did come to some agreement (and if we did I'm sure it was ingenius) but no one wrote it down. Alas.Thanks for being the conversation catalyst. It was a lovely party.Oh, and I second Anonymous 2, but only if she's a girl, and only if she means it in the intellectual sense.


  5. Very nice post. I think in a similar way, so it was nice to see someone who shares my seemingly pessimistic views. I don't know what it is, but I just can't wrap my mind around the ideas of fate, karma, destiny, and the like. I think it's because I can only see them as a vice; a way to deal with the terrible shit that happens, and not loose your fucking mind over it. Otherwise, I don't think some people would be able to wrap their minds around events like Katrina without the ideas of fate and purpose. Almost 2,000 people died, and many others who survived were left without their homes, food, or water…for NO REASON?? I can completely see why that would be tough shit to swallow. But even still, I just don't find anything tangible, or reliable about fate. I'm sorry. For me, to think that something like that could happen for a reason is even tougher shit to swallow. Like you said "…for what reason?"As for anonymity, I'm anonymous because I don't feel like signing up for an account. Yeah, I'm a lazy fuckin bum, but so what?? Habits die hard, and plus, I just don't give a fuck. But any who, I'm done talking. Awesome blog. My panties are wet with anticipation of your next post.Haha was that inappropriate? Well…I already typed it, so I'm not going back.


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