Supporting the Troops Makes You a Good Person.

So the other night, was it last night? I forget I’m just coming off a 49 hour coke binge, well sometime recently, we were graced with another installment of CHOCO-VISION.

Barack Obama had his 87th prime time news conference and this one centered on some pointless bullshit called health care. Needless to say, I did not watch this because I find that each and every time I watch Obama these days he has to deal with so much bullshit that he just runs on “Hope” and “Change” auto-pilot.

I’ll start this with a small disclaimer, I have no fucking clue how to fix the health care system, nor do I truly understand how it works…and neither do you. There are so many propaganda laden opinions on the subject it is impossible to be objective. Each side has provided us with quotes from prestigious people, Hospital CEO’s, Doctors, Jesus have all weighed in its basically these two ideas.

A. There is fucking blood in the streets, millions of Americans don’t have health care, we need to fucking change it right now because there are people that can’t even receive help without paying for a huge bill. We need to socialize the health care industry so that the coverage can reach everyone.


B. If we change it then everyone will have to pay more and I don’t want to pay for your health care and I don’t want to lose my doctor and Obama is fucking everything up and soon the government will own everything and start harvesting our organs to pay for the debts we’ve accumulated.

Look as I said, I don’t know shit about this and I have no solution to the problem, but I just want to address something pisses me off.

The favorite rallying cry of the Obama’s opposition is that the government can run shit, a government run program will ruin everything, the government is a bunch of shit head retards that will eventually turn our country into the U.S.S.R.

Look I know the government fucks up a lot of things, but they also do ummm EVERYTHING. People love to play there libertarian patriot the strongest survive card, but if you really took away everything the government provides then we’d all have small pox by Tuesday.

But my biggest gripe is the a major fact that is always overlooked.

The United States government does have a program that is quite successful, you may have heard of it if you’ve ever heard one of the eloquent speeches provided by Sarah Palin….It’s called THE FUCKING MILLITARY.

Wake the fuck up people.

Much like other Republican “Small Government” myths, this is another plot whole in the Utopia they intend to create. Much like you can’t want the government to “stay out of our lives” and also think they should stop gay people from being married, you can not suck the giant illustrious dick of “the troops” every time in front of your camera, and then turn around and say the government is incapable of running another large program.

When you create a list of “Things that Don’t Suck” it looks like this.

1. Megan Fox
2. Jesus
3. United States Millitary
4. Cheesy Fiesta Potatos
5. The Frog Blogg

Seriously though, how can you sit here and tell me about how a government run health care system is going to turn America into the flash forward scenes of “Terminator” because the government can’t run anything AND think the military is the greatest thing in the world.

Bottom line, as shitty as they are, which is VERY shitty. I trust things in the hands of the government more then insurance companies or other money hungry cocksuckers. At least the government is only partially corrupt as opposed to everything else, which is completely corrupt.

But like I said, I don’t really know what the fuck I’m talking about butttt uhhhhh SUPPORT THE TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve heard that if you say that it makes everything ok and makes you super American so I’m giving it a try.

Thanks for reading.


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