Blame The Jews In The Media.

Look, I hate the way the media industry is set up as much as the next, actually chances are I hate it in a vastly more intense way, but I’m extremely tired of people complaining about media coverage because it is their own fault.

Is it responsible or respectable for the media to obsesses over the death of one man, such as a Michael Jackson, of course not. However it’s not their fault, they’re simply giving you, the idiot, what you want. There are millions of crazy fucks who has an infatuation with MJ that went beyond comfort, so the media said hey we can turn this tragedy into a major positive by prostituting the memory of this dead man for our own personal gain!


I’m not giving the media a free pass, I’m just saying you can’t blame them for everything.

Sarah Palin is a certified testicle, the media has nothing to do with that. They didn’t attack her family out of nowhere, she proclaimed herself a major proponent of family values, then brought her children around the campaign like they were accessories from Alaska’s premier clothing store, Sears. They didn’t say anything about her being a women other then the landmark it would be, the media only became interested in it when she kept promoting how much of a woman she was. Believe, she’s a whole lotta woman.

It’s called cause and effect, you carry your down syndrome baby around like Simba and talk about you and your husband still fuck naked.

Then there will be comments made about your family.

Yes it is a complete shame that there is so much competition to be the first news team there or to have an exclusive that sometimes the quality and/or integrity is compromised, but that doesn’t mean you can totally disregard everything as the “media” ‘s fault.

First of all, what is the “The Media”, I mean shit, if you take quotes from every shmuck that is reasonably well known and just rape the minds of the masses with that ignorance then people are going to hate the media. Anything can be manipulated to make a certain point. The same 15 minute video can be edited twice to make completely opposing points.

The worst thing is when people IN THE MEDIA (i.e Sean Hannity, Rush, Other Underpaid Patriots) complain about “The Media”. If you work for the motherfucking News channel, then guess what YOU ARE THE MEDIA! How do you think I’m watching this right now? YOU ARE THE MEDIA, so I’d really prefer if all these media outlets stop reporting about how biased the media is.

Everything is filled with biased, but you can filter it out if you alter your expectations. For instance, I will probably never agree with anything Sean Hannity will ever do or say, but if I watch his show for 5 minutes and don’t want stick a blow torch in my face, then that means it was a fucking orgasmic 5 minutes.

If I watch a super liberal like Keith Olberman, I consider any moment he is not talking about Fox News, a tally in the W column.

Actors, celebrities, “activists”, Oprah (Oprah is legally obligated to be mentioned as a completely independent wing of the media.) these are all people that can be used as media sources in the world we live in. Just because a celebrity has a lot of money and starts a foundation to save Deer, does not mean that we should use that celebrity as a source for deer related stories.

But we do.

It’s al about credibility, these days there is none. Think about it, one opinion from one guy at somewhere like Time magazine, has much more impact then one dudes opinion.


Because as soon as someone takes a stance at an organization like that, it is not John Tallywacker thinks Chocalate Thunder is garbo, it’s Time Magazine has declared Obama…bad.

Today everyone’s minds are flooded with blogs (hey, fuck you) internet stories, forums, everything is helping you connect with other people and the more connections, the more mindless retard sheep propaganda is thrown into the world of our mind.

In today’s society, there is no fact checking, you don’t need to be a reliable source, you don’t need an education, you can literally say something, something that is 100% the opposite of reality and be quoted as a source all around the world.

That actually happened, a guy changed something on Wikipedia and news outlets started reporting it until he admitted what he had done. Or did I just make that up? Where is my source? I don’t have one, but you still believed. (for the record that did actually happen. promise. Google it or Bing it or whatever the kids are doing these days)

You might think these two arguments contradict each other, with one phase defending the media and another attacking it.


My point is, determine what “The Media” is and listen to them. They might not always be right, but they have a better chance then anyone else. Traditional Media (television news, radio, newspapers) are the only truly reliable source, because these are all people who received an education in that specific field and have been trained to do exactly what they’re doing.

Any other media source could possibly just be someone like me trying to fuck with you. I only use my powers for good, but the world is filled with virgins and I’m sure many them get off to starting rumors about Jessica Alba and Ted Koppel.

In conclusion

A. Every form of media blows a giant black woman’s ass because they are so concerned with there own success they are willing to sacrifice what they present to us, if it is for there benefit.
B. We, the people, are the ones who create the demand, so we are to blame for accepting, promoting and maintaining this retarded cycle of “Media”.
C. Blaming “The Media” for being biased, is like asking someone’s kid why they’re like there dad. “The Media” is obsessed with personal success, so they give us whatever they think the most people want.
D. Focus on the credibility of the source, that is vital. As I previously stated every writer with a bold statement can suddenly become The Wall Street Journal. Don’t necessarily believe everything you hear, because it could just be someone’s biased sheep opinion.
E. If you truly care a bout obtaining all of the necessary information to fully comprehend something, you need more then one RELIABLE sources. (Yes, The Frog Blogg does count…my words are the gospel)

And as usual, Fuck You.


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