I’m a huge fan of underground rap. As you may have noticed I like to think I have a way with words and no other form of music is based solely on words. The rap we have become accustomed is actually just pop music with black guys…that comment may piss you off but after 8 seconds of thought you’ll realize it is true.

Underground rap is amazing because it takes rapping back to where it began and it also challenges your mind. Of course there are songs about guns, bitches and drugs but it’s also a form of music that is extremely, developed, layered creative and thought provoking. No other place can you find metaphors and wordplay this clever, or rapid.

I suggest anyone with an IQ over 85 listen to Slaughterhouse. They are a “Super” Group (aka a group made up of artists that already have solo careers) of four guys from different places in the country.

Long Beach, Brooklyn, New Jersey and Detroit.

Do they make the catchiest song you’ve ever heard? No.

But they do create verses of rhyme that you can’t refer to as anything other then poetry.

I would love everyone to come out and support Slaughterhouse on August 11th, for the simple fact that this is a group that was not created with the intention of making money. They were not hand picked by a record label and forced into different roles to appeal to certain people.

These are four people who respect their profession and want to make the best product possible. This is the way life SHOULD work, the people that are best at something should create their product and then WE go to THEM…as opposed to the current system which makes sure you hear Beyonce every fifteen fucking seconds.

Link to the video for their single – “The One”

Educate yourself.


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