Town Hall: Meet The Village Idiot

Welcome back. I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible, like when your Dad fucks your Mom.

Democracy kicks major vagina (why does it always have to be ass?) The way it started was everyone in a society voted on each and every topic and whoever got the most votes wins.

Sounds easy enough, right Mr. Gore?

Problem is our society has grown to be vastly too large to do something like that, so we’ve incorporated a foolproof system where we take large groups of people throw them into regions and then you vote for ONE person to represent that entire place. These saints are referred to affectionately as “politicians” and they are loved and revered by all.

Of course with a system like this, you’re going to run into some problems, no not like Donte Stallworth ( Haha get it “run in to” some problems, wait someone died from that situation? oh well, still funny.

The major problem being a large group of people are being represented by someone they didn’t vote for…and with a two party system that means you’re being represented by not only someone you didn’t vote for, but most likely someone you disagree with on, ohhhh lets say everything that exists.

Which brings us to the monstrosity that has become known as a “Town Hall” meeting.

Let me start off by saying I DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT HEALTH CARE, check the time and date immediately because that might be the only time I ever admit to not knowing something (although don’t get ahead of yourself, chances are I still know more then you do).

I have a small problem with “Town Hall” meetings. That small problem being I can’t even remotely comprehend the reasoning and justification for having something like this.


WE ALREADY HAD A FUCKING ELECTION! You want your voice to be hard? Go fucking vote. (word on the street is that if you don’t vote…you die…of Aids)

The real problem is these meetings are a waste of time and serve no purpose. I know it’s a really good feeling to tell regular (hicks) people that they can speak with important (rich) people and actually make a difference. But that’s like telling a retarded kid he can become an astronaut or something, you only do it so they A. Feel Important B. Stop fucking talking.

What do people really think is going to happen at these things? You think any of these people actually care about your opinion? There’s a place where people can voice their opinions and have them immediately disregarded, it’s called a blog. (oh, wait)

It would be different if they were set up in a proper manner. Screaming at the top of your lungs at someone who is going to forget you the second you’re gone, isn’t “proper”.
How is this productive? There are only two options of what can happen.

A. Someone loves everything Obama and sucks the political cock of whoever is speaking.
B. B. They hate Obama because they are racist (conservative) and want him to be stopped…NOW!

Now don’t get me wrong, this is NOT about race, but if you don’t think racial tensions is fueling the fire of some of these people then you my friend just ordered the #2 on the Ignorance Value Menu and guess what the fries are soggy, bitch.

Maybe its me but I don’t want to have a “Town Hall” where the only people speaking are the village idiots. Obama does not want to take over America, or kill your grandma, or Robin Hood all of your money to the Black Panthers…he’s trying to do what he thinks is right.

You might very well disagree with that, but how is grabbing a microphone and screaming retarded shit going to help? These “Town Halls” are the worst form of communication because nobody is listening to what is being said, they just want to vent their anger.

I’m all for an intelligent discussion, but WHY THIS!?! Why are we allowing this too happen? I have never once seen a situation where regular (retarded) people were allowed to stand up and say whatever the fuck they wanted TO A POLITICIAN!

I was more intensely censored at HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL GAMES! If someone gets up and starts ranting and raving grab the microphone and tell them to fucking leave, why are we just sitting here letting them spew nonsense?

The worst part, is that it has now become a way to latch on to your 15 minutes of fame. Shit, not only do you get to yell at a politician like they’re your ex girlfriend, but you might end up on Television!

I could go on forever about this, but what it comes down too is

We should not be rewarding people for their ignorance. This is a topic of vital importance and it needs to be discussed intelligently by people who actually have an impact on what is going on. Screaming, ranting lunatics do not help the situation in anyway and are irrelevant to the actual problem. Think about if we did this in other scenarios. Are we going to start letting kids scream at teachers during parent teacher conferences because they want more recess? The “Town Halls” are unnecessary because we already have a place where these issues are being discussed…it’s called CONGRESS.

America is filled with hundreds of millions of people, each unique, each with unique opinions. Nobody represents the entire country, there is no such thing as an “Average American”. The cowboys are gone people, our society is diverse and nobody thinks alike. So to say this anger represents how Americans feel is just plain ignorant.

What tops it off, and what also proves that these people are angry about Obama and not health care, is the fact that THERE IS NO HEALTH CARE BILL IN PLACE, I repeat these people are yelling and screaming and ranting over something that does not exist.

When the actual bill is proposed, THEN you can get angry and argue about it (It still won’t make a shit of difference) but until then SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Nobody cares what you think, especially Barack Obama. I mean he’s a black guy around a bunch of white people of course he’s gonna be nice.


Intelligent Comments Welcomed!

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