Kanye and Football.

An extended period of time has passed since my last post and I would just like to apologize to those of you that are on my dick.

Football has started back up and I’m as excited for the season as much as nobody is excited for “Big Mommas House 3” (yes, they are actually making that, FML)

First things first, the Lions will continue to suck and I laugh at anyone who thinks otherwise.

Two, in possibly the most egregious predication I’ve ever seen in my extensive football fan career, Sports Illustrated has predicted that not one, not two, but all THREE teams from the Lions division will be making the playoffs. I wonder what it’s like to be paid handsomely for taking a shit on a piece of paper and publishing it?

Three, Michael Crabtree who broke every receiving record the NCAA has ever seen as a Freshman, will most likely not be playing for the entire season because of a contract dispute. He’s on the 49ers so a fuck, I do not give, but what does fluster me is the arrogance of athletes.

In no other profession will you ever come straight out of college to an organization that worships you, hires extra people to laugh at your horrible jokes (I could really use that), gives you unlimited amounts of money and hires someone to monitor and analyze your balls AND YET athletes continually “hold out” on their contracts and miss extensive playing time.

It’s one thing if your Peyton Manning and you throw insane touchdowns, call the plays, coach the team, wash the jerseys and validate the parking…It’s completely another WHEN YOU HAVEN’T SET FOOT ON THE FIELD. Think about that, these guys have never, ever, not even once done anything for this organization, not a goddamn thing. But they still have the audacity to stare at $20 million a year and say that’s not good enough.

Capitalism rocks and all, but this is fucking ridiculous. It sets up a system where people that have never even played before are making twice as much as 10 year veterans. It’s a system that teams actually consider not taking the best player because they don’t want to pay them.

This is fucking ridiculous and it needs to stop, Attention rookies you haven’t done jack shit for anybody and nobody cares about you until you do. Please accept whatever contract you are offered (you’re still going to make more money then a brain surgeon) and start playing. The rest of the world works on a basis where first you SUCCEED and then you are rewarded, please bring your retard parade back to planet Earth.

Speaking of arrogance, Kanye West is a fucking embarrassment. He makes excellent music, he deserves the success he has obtained, but what makes this man think we care about his opinion? How could someone, anyone, even Kanye, think it is ok to walk on to the stage when a 19-year-old girl is receiving an award that has NOTHING to do with you and grab the microphone to say you think someone else deserves it.

Let me keep this brief, someone needs to just beat the fuck out of Kanye so he can stop being a Grade A faggot. (Sorry to all of my Gay fans out there, I wouldn’t want to be compared to Kanye either.)

Maybe if his Kanye’s mom wasn’t too busy dieing from plastic surgery she could have raised him the right way. Too soon?

For the record, Taylor Swift needs to chill the fuck out as well. Bitch you’re NINETEEN YEARS OLD! How the fuck could you have had your heart broken so many times? Chill the fuck out, you’re not a Mormon you still have a couple years before you need to find the one.

That’s it for now, don’t worry I’ll be updating more often. You’re welcome.


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