Not Racist, Just Stupid.

Once I heard former president Jimmy Carter even say the word “race” when speaking about Obama, I knew there was going to be a Transformers 2 sized shit storm about it.
As usual, actually as always, I was right.

The thing is, in today’s society it is IMPOSSIBLE to talk about race because it is an extremely emotional topic and pretty much anyone can denounce the accusation of racism by saying any number of things, with the most popular of those phrases being:

“I have black friends”

Of course you do and you probably fall asleep watching “The Jefferson’s” last night right?

The point is, nobody, even people who are, actually ESPECIALLY people who are, wants to be labeled as a “racist.”

It’s a broad term that can mean a lot of things, but to the general public it just means that you are in fact genetically linked to a giant heaping pile of shit.
So is everyone that doesn’t agree with Obama racist?

Of course they are he’s black, WTF!?!?!?

But seriously, NO, of course they aren’t, that would mean slightly less then half of the country literally believes that one race is superior to another and it would be ludicrous to think our society could even function if something like that were true.

The problem is everyone is so eager to lump everyone else into a category. The fact is, we are all snowflakes, no that’s not a coke metaphor, it means that each and every person in this country lives their life and has values based on their own unique background.

The only problem is there is an immense amount of evidence that does in fact show some of these people are racist.

It’s completely acceptable to have a problem with a political stance the president takes…It is completely NOT acceptable to contest that he was born in America.

If you think the president is a “Muslim” or not a real citizen, then pat yourself on the pack because the only explanation for that is racism. We have had like what, a million presidents? How many before this do you think were accused of not being from this country?

I’m gonna say its roughly the same number of girls that you’ve had sex with that I would also want to have sex with.


What it comes down to is, people are not angry simply because this man is black.
If Chocolate Thunder had not taken hundreds of billions of dollars and not made it rain on our bitch asses like a month into the presidency and instead turned everything around instantly and created a Utopian society, then those hicks down the street would have been adopting babies from the Congo THAT DAY!

Racism is not the source of the problem, it just escalates it. Look at it this way:
For a period of time in the early nineties there was a young baseball player named Barry Bonds. He looked like he was from the hood and ate Jordan shoelaces for dinner because he couldn’t have weighed more then a buck fifty. Barry Bonds was an excellent baseball player, many called him the best player in baseball and he did in fact win a number of Most Valuable Player Awards.

About the time the new millennium hit, Barry started looking pretty fuckin stacked. In fact other then Aretha Franklin, nobody has ever gained weight so dramatically. Barry wasn’t just good anymore, he was unreal, putting together what is affectionately referred to as “the greatest fucking season ever.”

We now know that Barry Bonds used steroids and that is my point.

Racism is just like steroids.

Steroids didn’t make Barry Bonds a good baseball player, they made him the best player. He was always one of the better players in the league, but once he took steroids he became the best ever.

Racism doesn’t make people hate Barack Obama, I mean they hated Clinton, they use liberal like its an insult and they intend to smear and ruin every Democrat that walks through the door…

… but once you make that person black, the situation intensifies. It can be summed up in this statement “Oh great, not only do we have the worst president ever, but he’s black too? This sucks!”

Essentially what I’m saying is, we don’t know who is racist and who is actually disgruntled over politics. We don’t know who has studied the market for years and is in the position to make well-seasoned assertions and who heard a fun fact on the radio that they now use as the basis for all of their political banter.

The thing is it doesn’t matter, anybody who is racist, is never changing. Anyone who hates a certain group of people, whether it is based on what they look like or how they vote, is never changing.

I’m positive that much of the hate fueled protests and speech have to do with race, but in the long run it is irrelevant because the people who are screaming their close minded arguments at the top of their lungs begging for anyone to listen might as well be racist because there opinions should be immediately disregarded by anyone with even a smidgen of intellect.

It’s ok to feel a certain way about something and fight for your own beliefs…I mean that’s kind of what America is based on.

BUT If you hate everything the President does, regardless of what it is, because he is Black or a Democrat, then you’re an ignorant fool either way, so why should we waste our time figuring out the origins of your mental retardation?

Just because you’re not racist doesn’t mean you’re not a giant fucking retard.


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