That sounds great, but can you make it … dumber?

Human nature isn’t changing, the world around it is.

With the way that the news media is set up in today’s society, it would be easy to be pessimistic. Between the fear mongering, the epidemics, the blacks, TV and radio news sets out to be as scary and crazy as possible.

People don’t get sick anymore, they’re part of an epidemic. Politicians don’t have free will anymore, each decision they make is merely an attempt to implement there agenda and take over the country. We don’t have criminals anymore, we have villains that are striking at will and chances are you’re next!!!

So is this new? Did the world seriously just all of the sudden go to shit?

Well yes, but in the sense I’m speaking of…no.

It’s not that people today are any crazier, angry, dangerous, etc then they have been in the past. We just live in a society where people tweet during sex “In bed….I just came”

EVERYthing is a big deal, EVERYthing has an ulterior motive, but most of all EVERYthing bad that is happening will be happening to you very, very soon.

Human nature will always be the same, some people are good, others horrible. That’s just the way it is. It only seems like there is way more of everything because the news cycle is about 30 seconds long and every bad thing that happens on Earth is immediately broadcast right into your head.

If World War 3 ever happens we’ll probably be able to watch it on a web cam and text vote what we think they should do next.

What should this battalion do to this village?

Text “A” to 41117 for “Gang Rape”

It’s because everything is a competition. You have to not only get the most ratings, but you have to prove the other guy wrong.

Nothing is more important then that. You never have to actually come up with your own ideas or even offer a solution, as long as you prove how stupid the other guy is.

It’s disgusting and horrible and not changing. So just remember, people have been leaving their babies in hot cars for years, its just in the past you might hear some interpretation of that story. Today we can find out if that baby’s friends thinks they are “Hot or Not”

It’s not just the news either. Our entire culture is set up so that we pander to the lowest common denominator. I mean think about it, they actually preview TV shows, music and movies and then go back and change them so that the entire artistic integrity is sacrificed so that Cletus doesn’t get too confused.

Look at Jay-Z, listen to his first CD and his new one and it’s like a school bus driver who forgot the route they had been driving on for 20 years. Watch pretty much ANY sequel and see how it is not actually a movie, but a way to create a franchise by having actors give up on their art and merely be a parody of their character from the first movie.

If you were the “funny guy” in the first film because you did WILD and CRAZY things like drinking semen, then you’ll be eating shit by the third film (yes I’m looking at you Stifler).

Culture isn’t dead, it’s just lacking culture. Every song you hear on the radio is because the record label packaged a person to fit into this demographic and you will now listen to it 40 times a day because it’s what you’re supposed to like.

Each character in a film or television show is a formulated creation; don’t forget the nervous/genius Asian guy who will inevitably grow a pair of balls in a key moment! Of course that’s when he’s not being pushed around by his black women boss who is hard nosed and DOESN’T TAKE SHIT FROM NOBODY! Add a male lead who is a self absorbed dick right up until he meets that special girl, changes for her, loses her when he makes a mistake with good intentions, formulates a plot to win her back and then wins her back, all while saving the world from War, Godzilla, Jews…Mix in a catch phrase and PRINT!

Think about it, they actually film entire movies and don’t release them until the mass of retards is infatuated with a specific fad. Hey people really like vampires right now, let’s take that heaping pile of shit we’ve had sitting on the shelves for years, edit the one scene featuring a vampire back in and then put vampire in the title!!

So yup, here I am, bitching and complaining again. But would it really be that hard for things to just not suck a huge fat black cock? ( don’t they know it’s about the motion in the ocean? )

Would it really be that hard for 3 radio stations in the same city not to play the SAME song at the SAME time?

Would it really be that hard to realize something isn’t a movie just because Johnny Depp is starring in it and Pirates is in the title?

I realize we have large corporations that need to make money, but is it necessary to constantly jam it down our throat? America isn’t your mom!

Things will never change, until we stop catering to the needs of the inferior. They should have to catch up, we shouldn’t have to wait for them.

We’ve totally abandoned the “only the strong survive” mentality. Now we live in “oh that’s confusing for you? Well we’ll just cut that and fill it with a chase scene!” type of society.

And it makes me long for the taste of bullets.


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