Where’s The Peace?

If you are angry about the President of the United States of America winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Then you’re not patriotic.

Let me ask you this question, if you disagree with the choice of Barack Obama, whom would you suggest?

Chances are you are staring blankly at the screen because your porn is buffering and you have no idea how to answer that question.

We are all American, we live in the United States of America and regardless of background or future aspirations, we all have the same goal and that is living the best life we can in the best country we can.

How can you be angry at something that is GOOD FOR AMERICA?!?

Chances are you don’t know the criteria for the Nobel Peace Prize. It is not based on simply what you have done but also puts a lot of weight in what you plan to do.

You certainly don’t know the candidates for the award because those are sealed for a 50-year period.

And I would love to hear your justification for someone other then Chocolate Thunder.

Am I saying Barack Obama deserved the award? NO!


The fact is I don’t know who deserved it and neither do you.

You don’t have a justifiable reason to dispute this award, the only reason anyone could possibly be upset with the outcome of this award is if you

A. Did a shit load of peaceful things this year and were planning on putting that Nobel right above your fireplace.


B. You are a bitter partisan hack whose sole focus in regards to political commentary is to destroy Barack Obama, shoot down all of his ideas, disregard his achievements and magnify his failures.

Please for one second, take a fucking breather and realize how stupid you would look if you were talking to someone about this outside of the United States.

Mexican Dude: “Hey, you’re president won the Nobel Peace Prize, that’s an amazing achievement for anyone. I’m sure your extremely proud for your leader and for America, people must be celebrating everywhere, it’s such a huge honor.

You: “Actually I’m really upset because he didn’t deserve it. I mean what did he DO?!? I don’t know how they pick the winner, or who should have won instead, but I know it shouldn’t be him!”

Mexican Dude: “Wait, so in your country people are actually upset that you’re President won the most prestigious award of Peace in the world? There are people that don’t want America to send an amazing message to the entire world because they don’t think he did enough to deserve it?”

You: “Yes”

Mexican Dude: “Oh, well I guess that’s cool. Our President was sworn into office after he assassinated the last president and now instead of police we have to listen to the leaders of drug cartels. Everyday I live in fear that my daughter’s head will be blown away with an AK-47. I pray each and every night that one day I can live in the peaceful sanctuary that is America.”

You: “Yeah, but he wants to take away my guns!”

Look, I could go on for days, but chances are you’ve already formed your opinion on this subject so I’ll leave you with this.

Barack Obama is not a perfect man, nor is he a perfect president. He came into office at one of the worst times in our history and no; he hasn’t flipped a switch and made the country perfect. He has made poor decisions, specifically his, at times, egregious spending. All that is true and it is perfectly alright for you to despise the way this man runs the country, that is American.

What isn’t American is being disappointed in something that sends a great message about our country. What isn’t American is hoping the President fails at everything he does. What isn’t American is attempting to use an International Peace Award as a political talking point with the purpose of making our President look bad.

If it is good for our country, shouldn’t it be good enough for you?


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