Rush Limbaugh Is a Genius.

Rush Limbaugh is possibly the most polarizing person in the entire country. Nobody else in our nation has such a large group of people that despise his very existence, who would gladly watch him drown and laugh the whole way through, myself included.

On the other hand, there is no other source that can make such a tremendous impact. There is nobody else that can directly speak to the President of the United States and actually warrant a response. There is nobody that can inspire people the way Rush does and most importantly, nobody has more loyal followers.

Rush Limbaugh has so much pull with such a large group of people that he couldn’t even start a cult, he could start his own country….literally.

There are certain things that bring out passion in people and Rush is an expert like none we have ever seen before. The first step is to get people riled up with anger or fear. To properly combat an opponent, your army must be going into battle with enough anger they would do anything to make their point, or they must embark with enough fear in their hearts that they literally think their life is on the line.

Check and check.

Rush can scare the shit out of you, I mean he has essentially labeled the most recent recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize as a radical maniac who will stop at nothing until he has implemented his agenda of world takeover. He’s too smart to actually make a Hitler comparison, instead he will slander someone until you’re the one saying it, he will stir you up, he will take trivial points and make them conspiracies, he will do anything to make you angry.

Then, while you’re infuriated and ready to kill some darkies or rape a china-men, he scares the shit out of you. He tells you that if you don’t act now you could be too late, your family will fall apart and most likely men in suits will be killing your grandma before The Price is Right is over.

Rush Limbaugh is a genius.

Allow me to reiterate, Rush Limbaugh is a motherfucking genius.

Does he actually believe that since a black kid beat up a white kid on a bus that means “Obama’s America” encourages and condones these types of actions?

No, of course not.

But he knows YOU are dumb enough to believe it, so he throws you red meat, he fans the flames, he hammers home points like it’s the anniversary of the first time I had intercourse with your mother.

Rush and I disagree on pretty much everything, but he is aware of who and what he is supposed to be and he has millions of sheep around the country who would suck his dick if he told them the liberals didn’t want them too.

If you can convince a large group of people to listen to each and every word you say like it is the gospel, then you have my respect, although it makes you a lot more similar to Hitler then Obama.

I decided to write about Rush because he has recently been in the news due to his interest in potentially buying the St. Louis Rams. While I have stated that I do believe Rush is of above average intelligence and he has built a career I could only dream of in my wildest aspirations.

This can NOT happen. First of all, Rush is racist. I know I said before that he doesn’t actually believe all of the things he says, I know I said he does things just to stir the pot and make a bold point.

But the man is racist. Not even because of what he has said about Obama, but actually because of Donovan McNabb. His claim that McNabb didn’t deserve credit for taking the Eagles to the Super Bowl because he wasn’t actually that good and the media only wanted to glorify a black quarterback is egregious at best.

Although the cases of large groups of white people conspiring to greatly improve the life of a black man are not exactly what you would call common, that’s not even the worst part of the statement.

The worst part is that it is not true, Donovan McNabb did in fact lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl. This might not be a big deal to you, but remember this man is aspiring to own an NFL franchise. If he is ignorant enough to discredit one of the best quarterbacks in the league because of race or the “liberal” media, then imagine the potential controversial bullshit that would happen if Rush Limbaugh owned an organization that’s employees are overwhelmingly “not white.”

Furthermore, the NFL is socialist.

Sorry Rush, but its true.

If anyone ever wanted to make a case for Socialism, they would be mentally handicapped (you like the political correctness?) not to use the National Football League as an example.

I mean think of all the Socialistic aspects. Start with SHARED REVENUE, which is possibly the most Socialistically Socialist shit that could exist. No matter how many games you win, no matter how many fans come to your games, no matter how many people your wide receiver kills while getting drunk and riden around in his Escalade, no matter how many puppies the face of your franchise slaughters.

Every team gets the EXACT same amount of money. Tickets, souvenirs, food, TV, all of that is put into a big pool and then split evenly. There are ways to make more money that isn’t shared, such as luxury boxes or you know buying the entire fucking stadium like Jerry Jones, but essentially everyone is on a level playing field.

Also there is a salary cap (OMG) and minimum, so every team has to spend a certain amount of money and is not allowed to spend more then a certain amount. Then there is the fact that the worst team gets the chance to pick the best player.

There are many, many more aspects but you get the picture. The NFL is socialist as fuck. The NFL is socialist to the point that if you wanted to implement even half of those ideas into everyday society, Obama would turn into Joseph McCarthy.

So let’s compile these ideas together.

Rush Limbaugh wants to spend millions of dollars on something that will associate him with the two things he despises the most in this world…Socialism…and Black People.

I never want to infringe on somebody’s rights to succeed and yes technically Rush has done nothing that should prohibit him from owning an NFL football team. BUT the NFL is a privately owned organization, something Rush should be familiar with and they don’t have to abide by outside sources.

If I was the head of the NFL Players Union, I would tell Rush Limbaugh to suck my big fat black (I’m assuming he’s black) cock and go fuck with hockey.

All that being said, Rush Limbaugh is still a genius and he does what he sets out to do better then anyone at anything. He might be the only person who I respect but also wouldn’t mind if they died.


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