This Isn’t Healthy.

After some of the most ludicrous, ignorant, nonsensical, immature and infuriating debate in the history of American politics, quite frankly I’m fed up with “Health Care Reform.”

This is the last time I’ll mention it.

I’m SICK of hearing about it, I’m SICK of hearing people spew their opinions on the subject, I’m SICK of ignorant close-minded people who can’t accept views from the other side, I’m SICK of people using human sacrifice advantageously.

I’m SICK of this debate. Pun Intended.

First, let me start by saying, this bill is not socialism. I’m not going to define or elaborate on Socialism, chances are you either care enough about the legitimacy of your argument to have learned about it independently, or you’ve dug yourself so deep into the opposing viewpoint that you have started yelling “Fire” in a crowded theater.

For the record, other terrifying examples of “Socialism” in our fine country include

Fire Departments Police Departments, Food and Drug Administration, Highways, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, US Post Office, Ambulance Services, Public Schools, Public Colleges, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, US Department of Energy, Federal Communications Commission, United States Department of Agriculture…

Scary huh? We have a specific federally funded organization for each Wayans Brother.

Regardless of what YOU think, this bill is not socialism and if you choose to label it in that manner you are simply displaying how irrelevant your opinion is.

That being said, it’s quite easy to see why people oppose the idea. The bill is far from perfect and the ideals behind the bill contradict the long held viewpoints of a vast number of Americans, particularly Conservatives (and those wonderful people who think they’re conservative when none of their views actually have anything to do with conservatism, other then talking points regurgitated by members of the media who thrive on throwing red meat to their most intense constituents.)

I understand that it seems outrageous to institute a bill that will cost around $94 billion a year for the next decade. That’s a number that even our most progressive friends cringe at, especially during a monumental recession. However, once the bill goes into affect, it is projected to provide coverage for around 95% of Americans. To me, and this is one man’s opinion, that number is far more important to our country.

What’s the price of a human life?

To those that are in an uproar over the fact that they will have to now give a portion of their income so other’s can receive medical coverage, I understand your qualms, I really do, I work full time and with each check I get, it is harder and harder for me to look at the money being taken out.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, thinking that some of your hard earned money could possibly be supporting somebody who is abusing the system. I’m not in favor of appealing to the lowest common denominator.

But this is not your ordinary political issue. For far too many, this is life and death.

It is one thing to be angry with someone who has no intention of getting a job and simply coasts on “Government Cheese,” manipulating the system to essentially steal from their more ambitious and successful peers.

“Free Rides” disgust me and those who participate in this type of lifestyle deserve to be punished. But this is no ride, there is nobody racing out to get sick so they can use their brand new health care. Health care, more then any other service or organization is essential.

I’m aware that I won’t be “Winning” anybody over on this issue. If you are passionate about politics it’s safe to assume that your stance on the subject is set in stone like it just saw Medusa.

However, my point is that all of this anger and debate is, ironically, not healthy.

The implemented changes will not have a staggering effect on your life. Dramatic proclamations and fear mongering to impose your will on others does not allow for progress, it doesn’t allow for a healthy political atmosphere. Politics is polarizing, most choose to pick one side of the aisle and fervently support that side even if everything incorporated doesn’t precisely fit their ideals, people love to take a stand.

Health Care Reform, much like abortion, gun control and capital punishment, is inherently decisive. It is one of those things that a substantial number of people are going to be pissed off regardless of the outcome. You can’t please everybody, unless you’re talking about me in the bedroom.

To summarize, depending on your personal opinion of this bill, there’s a really good chance that you are feeling like a “Winner” or a “Loser” right now. You’re either ecstatic or bitter. But you shouldn’t be. The only “Losers” are the people who have allowed their own greed (aka Capitalism) to surpass their compassion for their fellow man. The only “Winners” are citizens who no longer have to sacrifice an essential service to receive necessary treatment.

On another note, I’d like to address some of my own peers. As a “College” aged man, I obviously know a great deal of people who have chosen to weigh in on this debate and their opinions are just as credible as my own. (I mean, not really, but it’s nice to say.)

It’s hilarious, yet terrifying, to me that people who have never worked a meaningful day in their lives have the audacity to talk down to people who can’t afford health care. Go ahead and oppose the bill for political reasons, that’s what America is all about (that and Wal-Mart) but please, for the love of God, shut your fucking mouth long enough for the silver spoon to disappear and realize you are making a fool out of yourself.

You are in fucking college, perhaps you are paying for it yourself, perhaps your parents are helping with or making your payments, perhaps you knew just the right person to blow to get a scholarship, but don’t act like your income or lifestyle is being affected by this in any manner.

This bill isn’t going to make any rich people poor, it’s not going to destroy our middle class, it’s not going to usher in some sort of cataclysmic event that will leave our country in flames.

We are helping poor people live. If you can look me in the eyes and give me a legitimate reason that your pockets are more important then the life of another human being (NON-Legitimate Reasons Include: I work hard and they don’t, I saw a YouTube video about it, I hate Obama…) I will change my opinion on the subject.

Until then, in my mind, helping people LIVE is an issue that transcends politics; it is an essential component of any humane society. I’m not ready to watch people die so that you can buy a motherfucking Dodge Charger for your kid on their 16th birthday.



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