My Blog Post About My Tweet Hating on Daniel Tosh Being Featured on the Tosh.0 Blog

I’ve never cared for the television show Tosh.0.  That doesn’t mean I dislike Daniel Tosh as a comedian, or as a human being…I mean, I do, but it’s not necessarily because of his television show.

I hate him, because like all of you, I’ve been able to deduce his entire personality and lifestyle from his television persona and than judged him as if I know him personally.  You know, because that’s a completely level headed and sane way of figuring out your favorite entertainers.

But I digress, when you happen to say something derogatory about someone people are passionate about, you get a little backlash.


This is cute for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s a poorly veiled attempt at “viral marketing.”  Of course, it worked, because I’m writing about it right now, but that’s only because I’m a narcissist who loves to see his own name in print regardless of the context. Tosh doesn’t even write the blog, some go-getter Carly Hallam is the author of this particular post. I’d be interested to see if she’s instructed to douche up the tone of her posts as to appear more “Tosh-Like.”
  2. I didn’t use a hasthtag (#) or (@) to notify Tosh, or any of his people that I was making this type of comment.  This wasn’t an aggressive attack on the Tosh empire,  they clearly have a social media team actively seeking out people who are making comments about Dan the Man.

In fact, I’m sure someone from Tosh.0 is on their 13th hour of scanning the blogosphere while being whipped to the beat of a drum and reading this, RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND.

  1. The comments section is adorable as most people berate me and tell me I’m a douche or something along those lines.  Yes, I make tweets about my random feelings which are than handpicked and ridiculed on a large, mainstream blog, but I’m the douche.

If you would have told me I’d one day be getting called a DOUCHE on a website affiliated with Tosh.0 my brain would have exploded into billions of deliciously ironic pieces.

Personally, I don’t care that strongly about the subject one way or another, BUT, if anyone is seriously trying to tell me that spewing jokes written by the clearly dedicated team of people working for you while standing in front of a green screen featuring the internet’s funniest videos isn’t the easiest gig on cable, than you’ve probably sucked Daniel Tosh’s cock, or may in fact be doing it right this very second.

Thanks for the publicity Tosh.0 blog, but I won’t be falling into your viral marketing trap centered around getting people to enter videos into your fun little contest where people attempt to “replace” Daniel Tosh on his own show which bares his name. A completely realistic scenario which will surely happen really, really soon.

This is what I feel like:


14 thoughts on “My Blog Post About My Tweet Hating on Daniel Tosh Being Featured on the Tosh.0 Blog”

  1. Thanks a ton for being the mentor on this subject matter. We enjoyed the article greatly and most of all enjoyed reading how you really handled the areas I widely known as controversial. You are always very kind towards readers much like me and let me in my life. Thank you.


  2. I enjoyed his show when it first premiered, but apparently Dan and his staff quickly realized that gross sells. They don’t search out the funniest or strangest videos on the internet, but rather the most disgusting. I’ve stopped watching simply because I don’t equate stomach-churning with humor. Also, Tosh has become more pious and arrogant as the show progressed. Now whenever I hear the word “douche,” it is Daniel Tosh’s face that I see.


  3. I think he’s a really talented comedian, and I think a good amount of the stand up bits are improvised/written by Tosh. Go to a taping, you can see as much for yourself. Regardless of Tosh.0, I think he’s a brilliant comedian. Up there with Louis C.K. He’s bizarre, self deprecating, nasty, and has created a character on stage so realistic that people who don’t know him HATE him. I don’t know him either, maybe he’s a queefcake, but he’s a very funny queefcake if you’re a cynical asshole like I am.


  4. You just don’t like his personality and that makes you think he’s not funny. I’m sorry that his type of character doesn’t appeal to you, but if you can’t see that he’s extremely talented at his profession, comedy, then it detracts from the credibility of everything else you say. So either you’re one of the funniest ppl ever born to claim you could do the show better or you’re just jealous of someone whose personality annoys you.


    1. That’s a fair assessment, and I will admit, while I don’t enjoy Tosh.0, I think his stand up is absolutely extraordinary. He’s obviously very talented, I think I have more of a problem with the people who are obsessed with him as opposed to actually having a problem with him personally.

      Thanks for the comment.


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