A Stroke of “Rap Genius” – What’s Your “Music IQ?”

I’ve mentioned this site on my blog before,  but today I’d like to fully describe just how revolutionary, unique and innovative the website Rap Genius is and will continue to be, as it grows rapidly.  Seemingly since the beginning of the internet, one of the most sought after and popular aspects, other than porn, was song lyrics.  Inexplicable as it may seem, websites based solely on listing song lyrics not only exist but do so in a way that is preposterous.  Google any popular song with lyrics at the end and surely you’ll find pages and pages of the same lyrics with the same mistakes in the same places. (If you’re lucky, the lyrics will scroll at the pace of the song, just like karaoke!)  Rap Genius is a revelation because you no longer have to search across the web for your favorite song, they have a database of everything you need, and, if you’re so inclined, you can add your own songs.  The real game changer and revolutionary aspect of the website is the format.  Not only is it aesthetically pleasing with appealing continuity throughout the site, Facebook lasts because every page is formatted in a similar manner, MySpace and shitty lyrics sites fail because they have no branding. They allow “customization” features which essentially means you get to make something look uglier because you have vastly inferior graphic design skills then, oh, let’s say, graphic designers.  Rap Genius is fully customizable, but not in the way of making a shitty  background, but in the fact that you can edit the content, as well as the meaning of the lyrics for every song. Have you ever listened to a song and either not realized what they said or not understood what the hell something meant?  Simply scroll your mouse over the lyric and you get a full explanation. Rap Genius describes itself as so:  Rap Genius is your guide to the meaning of rap lyrics (basically the internet version of the nerd-ass “rap dictionary” dorm-mate you had in college).  You can listen to songs, read their lyrics, and click the lines that interest you for pop-up explanations – we have thousands of canonical rap songs explained (2PacNotorious B.I.G.Jay-Z – even the beginning of the Torah..)  Our aim is not to translate rap into “nerdspeak”, but rather to critique rap as poetry.  Anyone can create an account and start explaining rap. Highlight any line to explain it yourself, suggest changes to existing explanations, and put up your favorite new songs.  If you make good contributions you’ll earn Rap IQ™, and if you spit true knowledge, eventually you’ll be able to edit anything on the site.. just like a hip-hop Wikipedia..

Not a Rap fan?

Well, that’s precisely the reason I’m here.  I’ve spoken with the innovative minds over at Rap Genius and they’ve informed  me about an upcoming project called StereoIQ which takes the Rap Genius format and applies to songs of different genres.

Yes, if you’re thinking to yourself, holy shit, this is going to completely revolutionize how I look at music because now I’ll have one single location to not only find every lyric I want for any song I want BUT ALSO have explanations for all of the lyrics I might have interpreted differently!?!?

I don’t promote things that aren’t myself often, but I honestly believe this idea has the chance to be “The Next Big Thing” on the internet and I’m urging my readers to discover it before all of the lames do.  This is your chance to be cooler than everyone else and find out about the next big thing before it’s big.  Passing up this moment could literally ruin your fucking life.

Balls in your court.

Released: March 20th, 2012
Port of Morrow is the fourth studio album by American indie rock band The Shins, released on March 20, 2012 on Aural Apothecary and Columbia Records.[1] Co-produced by Greg Kurstin and frontman James Mercer, it is the band’s first studio album in five years, following the release of 2007’s Wincing the Night Away
Metacritic Rating: 72 (Generally Favorable)
"These are songs to fall in love to, to grow along with, and to share with friends in need of a life-change."

Track listing:

1. “The Rifle’s Spiral” – 3:30 – The Shins – The Rifle’s Spiral Lyrics

2. “Simple Song” – 4:15 – The Shins – Simple Song Lyrics

3. “It’s Only Life” – 4:02 – The Shins – It’s Only LIfe Lyrics
4. “Bait and Switch” – 3:23 – The Shins – Bait And Switch Lyrics
5. “September” – 3:33 – The Shins – September Lyrics
6. “No Way Down” – 3:16 – The Shins – No Way Down Lyrics
7. “For a Fool” – 3:57 – The Shins – For A Fool Lyrics
8. “Fall of ’82” – 3:48 – The Shins – Fall Of ’82 Lyrics
9.  “40 Mark Strasse” – 4:39 – The Shins – 40 Mark Strasse Lyrics
10. “Port of Morrow” – 5:50 – The Shins – Port Of Morrow Lyrics
– Miike Snow – Happy to You 
Released: March 13th, 2012
Happy to You is the second album by Swedish indie pop band Miike Snow. It was released in the United States by Downtown Records and in the United Kingdom byColumbia Records on 13 March 2012.
Metacritic Rating: 75 (Generally Favorable)
"The spirit of Happy to You is indie rock, but the sound is as addictively sharp as anything in the Top 40."

Track listing

1. “Enter the Joker’s Lair”  – 3:28 –Miike Snow – Enter The Joker’s Lair Lyrics
2. “The Wave” – 3:43 –Miike Snow – The Wave Lyrics
3. “Devil’s Work”- 3:55 –Miike Snow – Devil’s Work Lyrics
4. “Vase” – 3:40 –Miike Snow – Vase Lyrics
5. “God Help This Divorce” 4:32 –Miike Snow – God Help This Divorce Lyrics
6. “Bavarian #1 (Say You Will) – 4:02 –Miike Snow – Bavarian #1 Lyrics
7. “Pretender” – 3:33 –Miike Snow – Pretender Lyrics
8. “Archipelago” – 4:05 –Miike Snow – Archipelago Lyrics
9. “Black Tin Box” –  5:33 –Miike Snow – Black Tin Box Lyrics
10. “Paddling Out”  – Miike Snow – Paddling Out Lyrics
11. “No Starry World” – Miike Snow – No Starry World Lyrics
Metacritic Rating: 61 (Generally Favorable)
"A delicious hybrid of Portishead and Nancy Sinatra."
– Lana Del Rey – Born to die
Released: January 27th, 2012
Lana Del Rey is the second extended play by American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey. It was released on January 10, 2012 in the United States through Stranger andInterscope Records. The four-track EP was released to anticipate Del Rey’s major label debut, Born to Die (2012). The tracks draw influence from several genres such as indie pop and hip-hop, despite the EP being mainly described as pop rock. It received mixed reviews from contemporary critics, who praised the singer’s femme fatale persona, considering it, however, only as a “teaser of the album”. The EP debuted and peaked at number 20 on the United States’ Billboard 200.

Track listing

1. “Born to Die” – 4:46 – Lana Del Rey – Born To Die Lyrics

2. “Off to the Races” – 5:00 – Lana Del Rey – Off To The Races Lyrics

3. “Blue Jeans” – 3:30 –Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans Lyrics

4. “Video Games” – 4:42 –Lana Del Rey – Video Games Lyrics

5. “Diet Mountain Dew” – 3:43 – Lana Del Rey – Diet Mountain Dew Lyrics

6. “National Anthem” – 3:51 – Lana Del Rey – National Anthem Lyrics

7. “Dark Paradise” – 4:03 – Lana Del Rey – Dark Paradise Lyrics

8. “Radio” – 3:34 – Lana Del Rey – Radio Lyrics

9. “Carmen” – 4:08 – Lana Del Rey – Carmen Lyrics

10. “Million Dollar Man” – 3:51 – Lana Del Rey – Million Dollar Man Lyrics

11. “Summertime Sadness” 4:25 – Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness Lyrics

12. This Is What Makes Us Girls 3:58 – Lana Del Rey – This Is What Makes Us Girls Lyrics

Bonus Tracks: 

Lana Del Rey – Lolita Lyrics

Lana Del Rey – Lucky Ones Lyrics

Lana Del Rey – Without You Lyrics

So what are you waiting for?  The revolution is being televised and you’re not even watching, go to http://rapgenius.com/ right NOW!


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