Trading Races: What if George Zimmerman Was Black and Trayvon Martin Was White?

I hate to bring race into things, actually I don’t, I do it all the time!

But that’s only because the cesspool of humanity known as “The Internet,” refuses to stop going “Full-Retard” on basically every single important event in our society.  What I want to know is, WHO are these people, do they hide among us, or have they created a hidden community where they dwell and find inconsequential, obscure facts about situations while playing doomsday scenarios in their heads?

What bothers me more than the actual content of the arguments and discussions people have on the internet is the non-existent attention span people have in regards to the issues these people claim to be so passionate about.

Do you still care about the Chilean miners?  How about the pilot who landed on the Hudson River?  Do you think you’ll even hear the word Kony in a month if it doesn’t involve Chili Cheese Fries?

Needless to say, the current national controversy infatuating the media is of course, the story of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, a subject I’ve reflected on numerous times, proving yet again that I’m a complete hypocrite and don’t follow a single piece of advice I so willingly provide to other people.


Let’s be serious with ourselves here, if the tables were turned, and a grown black man shot and killed a white teenager in “self defense” would you still be arguing the same position? What does that say about you as a person? Think to yourself for a moment…

“Am I arguing on the side of liberty and justice, or am I arguing based on my personal feelings and perceptions?”

On a personal level, do I think “the government” hates black people or that there’s a a conspiracy to deny justice for this family because they’re a certain race?


Do I think “the government” is made up of individual citizens who react to situations based on their own personal set of beliefs and morals that might include being a racist or a bigot?


This is why this particular situation is so sad, this is why any of these “National Tragedies” are so sad (beside the obvious fact that tragedies are inherently sad), because meaningless, irrelevant people become so passionate about something that has nothing to do with them.

When the Casey Anthony shit storm was in full effect, all I heard was:

“The media only cares about cute little white kids, think about all the black kids dying everyday who don’t get attention.”

Now, with the Trayvon Martin situation, I’m seeing a lot of:

“How come when a white man shoots a black person it’s always about race” or “It isn’t national news when a black guy shoots a white person, so why is his news?”

If either of these thoughts, or any thoughts even remotely like it have crossed your mind, than seriously, from the bottom of my heart, Fuck You.

This isn’t about YOU, this isn’t about racial relations in America, this isn’t about conspiracies, this isn’t about the clusterfuck brain-dead mainstream media, this is about a REAL LIFE, this about a real world tragedy that shouldn’t take place in a nation as (supposedly) civilized as America.

Any black person defending Trayvon Martin because he’s black, and any white person defending George Zimmerman because he’s white (Oh that’s right, he’s not!) are giant, ignorant pieces of shit that don’t belong anywhere near a relevant and intellectual discussion about the situation, or anything else for that matter.

If you have an opinion the matter, that’s to be expected, but if the justification for your opinions has anything to do with aforementioned reasons, then your opinion is less of an impartial honest opinion and more of a personal bias.

But, there are many people defending George Zimmerman, so let’s play a little game I like to call “Trading Races.”

Imagine Demario Jackson, a mid 30’s black man who weighs 250lbs and carries a loaded (albeit legal) handgun with him around the neighborhood watching for “suspicious” behavior.

Now imagine young Billy Smith, a 17-year-old white kid clocking in at a buck forty and completely unarmed is walking through Mr. Jackson’s neighborhood, looking, “suspicious.”

Suddenly, the two are in a confrontation, who’s more likely to take the other person down?  The physically imposing grown black man, or the smaller white teenager?  Who’s more likely to feel threatened, the grown man with a loaded handgun, or the unarmed teenager being followed and eventually confronted by a grown man he doesn’t know?

As a responsible member of his community, Mr. Jackson is concerned about the unidentified person and decides to take it upon himself to investigate the situation personally.  Realizing the potential problem this might cause, Mr. Jackson uses his better judgement and decides to call the police, just to let them know about the suspicious behavior, I mean, you can’t be too safe with hooded figures walking around YOUR neighborhood.

Mr. Jackson calmly explains the situation to the 911 receptionist and is urged by the police to stay away from the teenager and let the authorities handle it.

Well, now Mr. Jackson is livid, there have been multiple break-ins throughout the neighborhood recently and now this white kid, clearly out of place in the neighborhood Mr. Jackson watches over is just allowed to do whatever he wants and act all “suspicious?”

So once again, Mr. Jackson is  supposed to just let it go?  Just let the police  handle it they say, the authorities knows what’s best, they can take care of the neighborhood, they’ll handle the problem.  Yeah right, he knows the police won’t handle it, they never do.

So against the direct advice of the police, Mr. Jackson, grown black man carrying a loaded handgun, tracks down and confronts the young white teenager Billy Smith.

Maybe the teen tries to defend himself,

maybe he tries to run away,

maybe he cries in fear.

It doesn’t matter, regardless of what Billy does, Mr. Jackson has made up his mind, he’s tired of people disrespecting his neighborhood, and this time they won’t get away.


Let’s take it further, let’s say the unarmed teenager actually is the aggressor, let’s imagine that the unarmed teen has a sudden burst of confidence and decides to physically confront a grown black man who has followed him and has a loaded gun, making him the bravest teenager in the history of humanity.

So now the confrontation has begun and there’s a vocal altercation that can be heard throughout the neighborhood.  The neighbors are now hearing pleas for help, screaming, the kind of screams that send a chill down your spine, the kind where you instantly  know something is terribly wrong.

Now, considering you aren’t witnessing the events but merely hearing them, you have no way of confirming exactly who is crying for help, BUT, which makes more sense in your mind as a reasonable person?

You hear cries for help, do you think it’s the grown man with a loaded handgun who spotted, followed and confronted the suspicious person, or the unarmed teenager walking back from the gas station and is now staring down the barrel of a gun?


Demario Jackson a 35-year-old African-American male has been taken into custody today for shooting and killing Billy Smith, a 17-year-old Caucasian teenager who was simply carrying a bag of candy and pop.

Mr. Jackson explained that he saw a suspicious kid in his neighborhood and decided to track him down and shoot him in self-defense after he initiated the confrontation with the teen.

But no arrests have been made and we’re not even going to detain Mr. Jackson even though:

He’s admitted to killing a man,

Provided police with the murder weapon and

Provided authorities with documented audio evidence of specifically denying the advise of authorities while in the midst of his own brand of vigilante justice.

Details at 11, following Man v. Heroine…

Do you think there would be an outcry of white people defending Demario Jackson for doing what he had to do to protect himself?  Because right now, there is most certainly a large group of white people who are defending George Zimmerman.

Do you think a grown black man with a loaded gun could really use “Self Defense” as justification for killing an unarmed white teenager I hate to put so much emphasis on race, but it’s amazing difficult to envision the same level of defense for the shooter if he was black and the victim was white.

Allow me to be even more extreme (true) in my generalizations:

All of the white people would DEMANDING JUSTICE for poor innocent unarmed, defenseless little Billy,


All of the black people would dismiss it as  just another case of the police putting more emphasis on black criminals than criminals in general.

The point of all of this is you should be loyal to your personal morals, ethics and convictions.  If the race or religion of a person is enough reason for you to abandon who you are and what you know is right, you don’t belong in the discussion at all.

I’m not trying to take sides, I’m going to wait until I hear an actual verdict before I slander another person.

All I ask is that you please have a little perspective when forming your opinion on important decisions and issues, there’s nothing worse than people who cement themselves in emotional reactions and stubbornly refuse to accept alternative point of views.

If you can’t even comprehend the alternative point of view then you’re simply defining ignorance.


10 thoughts on “Trading Races: What if George Zimmerman Was Black and Trayvon Martin Was White?”

  1. wtf is this shit i innocent kid died.. even if the u.s is full of racist u have no right to belittle the fact that he was black he definently plays a part..


    1. I wasn’t belittling him, you completely misinterpreted the purpose of the article.

      What I’m saying is that if a grown Black Man shot a White Teenager, all of the people defending Zimmerman would be on the other side simply because they allow race to be the most persuasive aspect of their opinions.


  2. “Do I think “the government” is made up of individual citizens who react to situations based on their own personal set of beliefs and morals that might include being a racist or a bigot?” Well said. To take it even further, it is also comprised of people who think enacting laws will make everything okay-all-better. but then we end up with shit like this. This isn’t the first incident where ‘Stand Your Ground’ was used with the same result, and I am pretty sure it won’t be the last. Very nice insight into the race issue. If I put myself in the shoes of either one of those guys, I think I would have been scared shitless. Who knows what anyones going to do when they’re scared shitless.


  3. If the race was on the other foot, I would still feel sympathy for the kid. The use of a gun and killing anyone in this situation was wrong.


  4. You are aware that Hispanic is not a race aren’t you? There are only 3 races: white,black, Asian. Jennifer Lopez is white, Pele (the soccer player in case you didn’t know) is black, both are from Hispanic countries hence they are Hispanic. Nelson Mandela is black, Charlize Theron is white, both are from Africa, hence they are Africans. Do you see what I am getting at? Hispanic people are from countries influenced by early Spanish settlers & being Hispanic has nothing at all to do with race. I would suggest doing some research before you try to argue such a silly point.


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