“Pro-Choice” Advocate Admits He: “Just Doesn’t Care For Children”

(Detroit, MI – Sept. 4)…. As the national conversation about abortion rights continues to rage with vitriolic passion, some supporters have recently made news for justifying their viewpoints with “outside of the box” thinking.  While the morality of abortion has been discussed extensively in and out of the media, less attention has been paid to the diverse set of opinions within each subset from either side of the debate.
Most “Pro-Life” supporters base their viewpoints around their personal morality, which in turn is largely based on their strong religious beliefs.  Many feel life begins at conception and that God is happy to see the single black lady down the street have her eighth kid in nine years even though she’s already working two jobs and collecting welfare.
It’s what HE wants.
Furthermore, the “Pro-Life” movement is so passionate because of the valuable life lesson it teaches people; don’t have more babies if you could eventually end up in poverty because than you’ll soon be labeled as lazy by the same people who  want to cut your social benefits while forcing you into making a personal decision about your own body based on their set of morales.
YOU should listen to me about what to do with YOUR body!
However, there is certainly controversy on both sides of the aisle as political activist Gerald Springs of Detroit presented perhaps the most “eccentric” justification for his beliefs.
As a life long supporter of the “Pro-Choice” movement, Springs isn’t caught up in political talking points when making his decision:
“I’ve been Pro-Choice my whole life, not because I believe in a women’s right to choose what to do with her own body, or because it’s not particularly any of my goddamned business, the simple fact is, I really just don’t care for children.”
When asked to clarify his comments, Springs was blunt with his assessment:
“I could really care less about all the political bickering and what not.  I just hate when I’m out and public and I have to deal with children and babies. They’re nothing more than short, stupid adults anyway. As far as I’m concerned, we can stop the problem before it starts and suck that puppy right out, on the double.”
In a stunning turn of events, Springs’ comments were actually endorsed by national “Pro-Choice” organizations who released a unified statement via press release stating:
“Baby hating has really been the passion of our cause from the start, we’re really glad we’re able to get this off our chest, we think the national debate will see a lot of progression now that we’ve firmly categorized ourselves as ‘Anti-Baby.'”

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