That’s Debatable

I’m not going to lie, I barely watched a second of the much anticipated debate last night and after reading various reports about it, I can’t say I regret my decision.

Of course whoever “wins” is going to hype up the moment as if this is the turning point in the election, and of course whoever “loses” is going to brush it off like someone who trips and tries to keep walking as if nobody noticed what an uncoordinated asshole they are.

Allow me to illustrate my feelings with a sports analogy.

The President of the United States is much like the starting Quarterback of a football team and the people of the United States are much like the rest of the team.  The focus is always so much on the QB  that everyone else is relegated to the backseat, their actions are not as important and what they do isn’t considered to have the same impact as the anointed leader.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter how we, the team, perform, because all anybody is going to talk about is how well or terrible the Quarterback played.  When the team wins, the QB is heralded as an incomparable God amongst Men with the penis the size of an Amazon spear.  When the team loses, the QB can ahead and just fucking kill himself because it’s all his fault.

The President gets way too much credit for success and way too much blame for failure when it really comes down to how well the “Team” (country) performs. The difference between either one of these candidates being in office is essentially inconsequential because it’s more of a symbolic gesture about our ideology than a vote for actual results.  Your single vote isn’t going to change a god damn thing about the country, it’s merely your choice for who you want representing America to the world.

The hyperbolic tone of this, and every modern election is simply fodder for the hard partisans.  The only people caught up in the hype are the people who want nothing more than their own personal opinions reinforced on a grandiose stage.  That’s it, there is no hope or change available from Obama or anybody else because the difference is so minuscule you wouldn’t notice it if it wasn’t broadcast directly into your brain.

What people don’t seem to realize in the midst of trying to slander whichever candidate they dislike, is that you’re basically voting for IDEAS and not PEOPLE.  The President represents the country first, but they also represent their own political party which will enforce their agenda regardless of how hopey and changey you try to make it feel.

Am I saying the President is meaningless?  No.

What I’m saying is depending on the Quarterback to win every game is eventually going to lead you into the losing locker room.

It’s up to US, the American people, the TEAM behind the Quarterback to actually produce real results and grasp “victory.”

Honestly, I don’t care who you vote for, and I’m far too cynical to believe I could actually alter somebody’s opinion or firm held beliefs.

I’m just trying to illustrate how disillusioned all of these political warriors on social media websites are.  This is not THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER as some would have you believe, nor will it DEFINE THE ENTIRE FUTURE OF AMERICA.  It’s the same shit that happened 4 years ago, and it will happen again and again and again.

In conclusion, STOP using the President as a scapegoat for every single problem in your life or every problem you perceive in society.  Bush did this, Obama did that, blah fucking blah.  The only REAL difference, the only real hope lies within yourself, the only part the President plays in this whole scenario is whether he gets to take credit for your success.

It’s true that we’ve reached what is essentially the “4th Quarter” in this election season, the problem is everyone is looking at the Quarterback to win the game when they should have been the ones building up a lead in the previous three.


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