Losing the Race.

On a day where we celebrate the legacy of a man who dedicated himself to equality, I thought it would be appropriate to offer some of my views on the progress we’ve made, but also, the massive hurdles we have yet to overcome.  It seems as if race will always be an intricate part of how we define ourselves and our society as a whole.

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After “Going Black,” White Female Announces She Will “Go Back”

March 28, 2011 – Birmingham, MI …U.S racial relations took a major twist early Monday morning, as Rachel Barker, a high school student from Birmingham who had recently “Gone Black,” made the unprecedented decision to “Go Back” to dating white guys. Barker, who has been cited by multiple sources for her impressive “Donk,” did not shy away from the controversy and was eager to explain her stance to the media. Continue reading “After “Going Black,” White Female Announces She Will “Go Back””