Legendary Pick-Up Game Blamed on Video Games

Brooklyn, NY – May 8th … Beginning on Friday afternoon and lasting into the wee hours of Saturday morning was the single greatest pick up basketball game ever witnessed by human beings; as 10 local men went head to head in a full court free for all of basketball ballsmanship.

“You wouldn’t have believed it unless you saw it with your own eyes. It was absolutely insane! Every one of these guys just came out shooting, and once they began, it was almost like they couldn’t help but shoot. Literally everyone was letting off shots like their live depended on it. You could almost have called it a mass shooting. I’ve never seen anything like it. Like when Mike shot right in Gary’s face, that’s something that will stay with me forever.”

As with any other mass shooting critics were quick to look for a scapegoat and quickly decided on the negative influence of video games. A Senator from some state noted:

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Why do I Support the Affordable Care Act?

This week marks the 2nd anniversary of passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and women across the country are applauding President Obama for signing it into law. ACA represents the greatest single advance for women’s access to health care in a generation. Anti-women's health politicians want to take away these benefits by attacking the health care law and trying to repeal it. That is why we need to share our stories. If you would like to share your story of how the ACA has benefited you, like how you were able to stay on your parents' insurance while in the work force or looking for employment, use birth control and will benefit from the no co-pay provision, received early cancer detection, or any other reason.


EMAIL: liz.ratzloff@ppmchoice.org so we can help you share your story

Losing the Race.

On a day where we celebrate the legacy of a man who dedicated himself to equality, I thought it would be appropriate to offer some of my views on the progress we’ve made, but also, the massive hurdles we have yet to overcome.  It seems as if race will always be an intricate part of how we define ourselves and our society as a whole.

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