Al Gore Regrets Having Foresight to Create Internet


(Burbank, CA – August 22)… A press release distributed to the media today from the office of former Non-President Al Gore included a surprising revelation about the politician and activists personal feelings in regards to his role in  funding the … Continue reading

Legendary Pick-Up Game Blamed on Video Games


(Brooklyn, NY – May 8th)… Beginning on Friday afternoon and lasting into the wee hours of Saturday morning was the single greatest pick up basketball game ever witnessed by human beings; as 10 local men went head to head in … Continue reading

NRA Announces Online Dating Site


As studies continue to show a rapid development in the increase of online dating websites, idealistic communities catering to a specific demographic are becoming more prominent and the trend will look to continue as the internet continues to find even more obscure … Continue reading

Local Parents Aren’t Picking Favorites, But, Can’t You Be More Like Your Brother?


(San Diego, CA – May 7)…  Local parents John and Samantha Bernstein love their son Tucker a whole bunch,even going as far to occasionally use “up to the sky” as a level of measurement.  The exemplary parents consistently shower him with admiration … Continue reading

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(June 16, 2010 – Detroit, MI)… In perhaps the most surprising decision in recent marketing history, Dove, America’s largest personal care brand, has selected embattled former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick as their new spokesperson. Kilpatrick, who is best known for spitting some dog ass game to these hoes, is a curious choice not only because of his questionable past, but also because he is generally despised by anyone who isn’t a Black Panther or related to him by blood.

Television, print and social media advertising will be incorporated into the new campaign, which features Kilpatrick declaring that “Dove” is the least “droppable” soap available on the market.

“When life gets a little too real, personal hygiene takes a backseat to self defense against unsolicited anal penetration. That’s why homicidal maniacs and pedophilic sex addicts prefer Dove 4 to 1 in a blind test against the next leading brand! With Dove…

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